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July 21, 2009 upmysleeve83



Jeremih’s album sold about 60K this week. It was a good effort from a newcomer. Musically, it sounds like he stole a bunch of songs that The-Dream had written for Chris Brown, and sung them accordingly. I swear when “Make Up To Break Up” came on, I had to check my playlist to make sure Breezy didn’t slip in there by mistake. The stripped down “Starting All Over” and “My Sunshine” get points for their sweet simplicity, but really could’ve been better song by the Ne-Yos of the world, and I’m still not 100% on Jeremih’s vocal ability (especially after that Wendy Williams performance). Overall though, I don’t think he’s breaking any barriers. It’s still no Donnel Jones Where I Wanna Be.

It might not be over for him though—maybe he’ll do a feature on a hit song that catapults him to fame. If not, he’ll be relegated to that category of music reserved for pre-teen girls on the brink of exploring love. Like the 2009 equivalent of Subway’s Good Times back in 1995. Most R&B fans remember that one hit with 702, “This Little Game We Play.” But only true fans (read: the ones who bought the album) remember “Fire” and “Sticky Situation.” (I discovered today that I still remember all the words to both.) And by “true fans,” I mean pre-teen girls who thought the guys were cute. The same ones who probably bought the aforementioned Soul IV Real album.

Sure the songs shuffle in and remind us of kinder, gentler times and we jam along to it with an upside down hairbrush in the mirror, but it’s not like we’re winning any arguments about musicianship. Still, those songs are on the soundtrack to my life, and others like me.

So if Jeremih can be satisfied with that, then maybe he’ll be alright with his SoundScan numbers.



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  • 1. Tunde&hellip  | 

    hmm. i actually like jeremih’s cd. *shrugs shoulders* he is like dream 2.0 the only upgrade being he doesn’t come off as corny as dream.

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