candy rain

July 16, 2009 upmysleeve83


Seems like yesterday I was falling asleep to Soul IV Real’s Candy Rain album (on tape), my walkman tucked under my pillow so my mom wouldn’t see it when she peeked in to check on me. All snuggled up, dreaming about love and longing for the day when all these love songs would have meaning in my life beyond catchy hooks and nice vocal arrangements.

Fast forward over ten years and I’m listening to the same album (on my computer via downloaded mp3s), wondering what happened to that hopeful little, light-skinned southern girl with big dreams and wondering if she’d have still have those same dreams if she knew how applicable all those sweet, silly songs would actually turn out to be. 

Every little thing you do, you’re on my mind/The way I feel lately is driving me crazy
Every little thing you do, you’re on my mind/I can’t get over you, I think about you all the time.

Yeah, okay, the lyrics aren’t that complex. But you can’t tell me that you haven’t been there before. I know there’s a guy to whom those words are more than applicable right now.

If he wanted it, he could surely have it (Track 4). But he doesn’t, so that’s a moot point, right?

For those of us who’ve been through the highs and lows of love, you’d think that it would be a wrap on those sentimental dreams of “candy-coated rain drops.” But for some reason it’s not, not for me anyway. I’m just not one of those people who gives up so easily on love.

Guess it’s the R&B in me.


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